Week 15 (04/06): Editing

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C4 S1 2020 Google share folder > Final Assessments here

Term 2 Video story edit

  • Hoping to give lots of feedback on your edits this week!
  • Finished edit due today 4 June

We only have this class to complete and next week for me to finish feeding you back and for you to have exported to Final Assessments. (That is if I haven’t given you an extension due to COVID issues.)

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Week 15 (3/5): Vox popping

“Sir, how do you feel about the easing of COVID restrictions?” Photo: Richard Leeming/CC/flickr

For anyone who hasn’t done our vox pop assessment, today (and tomorrow, and next week) is your chance.

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Week 15 (01/06): Making your demo

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A gentle reminder that your final assessments for both the AM Producing class and PM Presenting class are due now.

The term finishes in 2 weeks; we have another class next week (08/06), followed by a chance to resubmit any assessment work on 15/06. I’ll be actively giving you verbal and written feedback at this time.

All you need to know here about your assessments is here in the Subject Guides:

Producing and Presenting

Take the time to read and check that you’ve done all the tasks and you’ve submitted them in the way suggested.

Tip: read part 3 of each Guide: Assessment checklist. Super helpful.

Google Drive is where your work goes.

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