Week 2: The media biz

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Introduction to the unit Articulate, debate and present ideas.

Media is a hungry beast that demands 24/7 content. It dictates that you come up with ideas, flesh them out through workshopping and road testing before you finally present them. Exactly how you unleash your creations upon the world is up to you: blogs, radio, TV, documentaries, articles; platforms are plentiful!

How do we communicate when the spotlight is shining upon us? The Psych Show’s top 10 tips for communicating complex information:

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Week 2: How the hell do I find a good story idea?

Sometimes a great yarn can be staring you in the face. Photo: musubk/flickr/CC


Potholes in local roads aren’t just something to be cursed because they set your teeth on edge when you hit one. They affect everyone – slowing traffic and causing damage to cars. They could even be a sign of local government corruption.

They are also the perfect example of not having to travel far to hit a good idea.

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Week 2: Working together

“Stop, collaborate and listen” by KatieTT is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


In a couple of weeks Live Socials will be collaborating with the Radio and Journalism students as they start publishing articles and broadcasting radio shows.

There are a few things we need to put in place before then.

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Week 2: Audience: who are they, what do they do, where do they listen?



Familiarise yourself: Get to know the workings of Commercial Radio Australia’s site; it’s a useful resource

History of radio:

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