The people formerly known as the audience

Who's your audience? Photo: davidrbanta/deviantart
Who’s your audience? Photo: © David R. Banta

The audience is an important determinant of news – it’s logical that news of interest to some people isn’t to others. Journalists need to know what their audiences want and need to know.

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Week 11: Brainstorming ideas

Ideas are all around you. Photo: pikrepo

Why Brainstorm Ideas?

The purpose of brainstorming story ideas is firstly to find an idea that you want to write about and then to develop a concept for your story – not a fully outlined plot. Just the seed of inspiration that captures your attention wholeheartedly. Once you’ve found that seed, you can begin to develop a premise.

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Constructive journalism

Ulrik Haagerup’s graphic depiction of Constructive Journalism. Photo: Anna L. Schille 


A lot of news these days is “bad” news, focusing on doom and gloom.

A new, emerging form of journalism called constructive or solutions-focused journalism is taking a different approach.

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Hate, trolls, and phone addiction (and what to do about them)

Pepe the frog was killed off by his creator after becaming an alt-right symbol. Photo:



Let’s go through the Subject Guide including Assessments.

Saying mean stuff online

WATCH: Celebs read mean tweets, from the Jimmy Kimmel Show

Hate speech

DISCUSSION: What is hate speech? How would you define it?

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