Making Facebook do what you want it to

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Below are some fantastic tips for tweaking your Facebook account and making your newsfeed behave, courtesy author, blogger and self-described tech evangelist Robert Scobie (you can follow him here and see his full list of 22 tips here).

Getting the newsfeed you want: A Summary

1. Share posts from other people about stuff you want to read. The more posts you share about topics that interest you, the more you’ll see in your own feed. So share posts about politics, see more politics. Share cats, get cats.

2. Similarly, if you write five or more posts of your own about the same topic, you’ll see more of that topic in your feed.

3. Like, comment on and share other people’s stuff – it teaches Facebook the kind of things you want to see in your feed.

4. Hide things you don’t want to see more of (there’s an “I don’t want to see this” option in the dropdown on the right side of every post) – Facebook will learn your preferences and stop offering you those topics.

5. Unfollow annoying or noisy people. You don’t need to unfriend people who bug you with constant posts – you can list them and go to the list at different intervals if you want to catch up on what they’ve been posting. Your main newsfeed will improve dramatically without the noise.

6. Most content posted by people and pages you’ve followed or liked doesn’t show up in your feed – Facebook only shows you the most popular content. If you want their posts to appear in your feed, visit the person’s profile or the page and engage with them by liking, sharing or commenting. Alternatively, you can list them and go there, because lists display all of their posts.

7. Take time to make lists. Start with ‘close friends’ and ‘acquaintances’, and then add categories you want, such as family, work colleagues, and different categories for pages you follow (such as those of different news organisations, funny, serious, memes, etc.).

8. Most of the stuff posted by your friends and the pages you follow never appears in your news feed. If there are people and pages you want to hear from more often, you need to visit their actual profile or page fairly frequently and engage with them by commenting, liking or sharing their stuff.

9. Check your privacy settings regularly on both desktop and mobile. Use the ‘view as’ function on desktop to ensure any posts or other content (such as photos or video) that you don’t want viewed by anyone outside Facebook aren’t visible. Check whether your location is private (desktop and mobile). You might also prefer not to allow other people to post to your timeline or tag you in photos without your approval.




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