Intro to MoJo


Yusuf Omar is the founder of MoJo org ‘Hashtag Our Stories’. He has a serious journalism pedigree – he’s the former mobile editor at the Hindustan Times, and also worked as Snapchat social media reporter at CNN.

Omar is all about empowering anyone with a mobile phone, showing them how to tell their stories. This is really important in parts of the world that have been overlooked by huge media organisations, and also in places where cultural differences make it difficult for outsiders to interpret and analyse issues or events.

He also makes short, engaging, relatable content. An example:

In this Tex X talk he explains how he started working as a foreign correspondent, developing new ways of storytelling at a time when not many journos were using mobile phones.

You can find more videos and follow Hashtag Our Stories here on Facebook.


We encourage you to browse for apps you can use for mobile story-making – if you find something awesome, tell us! Most apps are cross-platform, but there are a couple that are iOS- or Android-only (grr).

Below are some suggestions for photo editing apps that will be useful next week – this list is not prescriptive, and you don’t have to use all, or any of them. Take time somewhere you have a wifi connection to download a couple to experiment with 🙂 We’ll be recommending more apps for audio and video editing as we progress.

Audio recording & editing apps

Voice Record Pro: Android or iOS


WavePad Free: Android or iOS


Wave Editor: Android only



Hokusai: iOS only


Photography apps


Instagram: Android or iOS




Snapseed (photo editing): Android or iOS



Photoshop Express (photo editing): Android or iOS 



Author: veritychambers

Journalist and teacher

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