Photojournalism: the power of photography

Ritualism 9, from a series by Tamara Dean (
Ritualism 9, from a series by Tamara Dean (

TOPIC: Telling a story with photographs


World Press Photo: 2017 winners

World Press Photo: 2018 winners

Yuri Kozyrev, Dispatch from Libya

Mami Kiyoshi, What do our possessions say about us?

Matthew Abbott, ‘Tent City’, the homeless camp in Sydney’s Martin Place – in pictures

Magnum photographer Larry Towell’s film projects – combinations of stillĀ and moving photography

Ritualism, a project by Australian photographer Tamara Dean

Oculi, a cooperative of creative Australian photographers

Magnum photo archive

More inspiration via photographers on Instagram


The NYT Lens Blog

Taking good photographs is a lot like learning to write: if you’re ever going to be any good at either skill, you must consider other people’s work first. It’s ok when you’re starting out to find a photographer (or writer) you really admire, and try to emulate his or her work. Once you reach proficiency you’ll begin to use your own voice or style.

The links above are to the work of many, many extraordinarily talented photographers and photographic artists, and most of us can only dream of ever being so good. But as the great cliche goes, every journey begins with a first step.

As you explore the sites, consider why a photo or series of photographs affects you. How does the photographer tie a collection of pictures together? Can images tell a story more effectively than words? Why, or why not?

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