Who am I?

Topic: building your understanding of self

Going back to Socrates, the question of understanding yourself has been fundamental to being human.

In media, having a good understanding of who you are helps you find ways to work best, understand where you want to work, what roles might suit you, and give you the confidence to back your own judgement.


By yourself, or with a friend, ask yourself the following questions. Take your time with it. Also, you might want to come back to some of the questions later.

What am I interested in?

What sort of stuff motivates me?

What stresses me?

How do I learn best?

What can I do to learn better?

How do I work best?

How do I motivate myself?

What do I get distracted by?

What qualities do I value in other people?

What qualities do I dislike in other people?

How do I make decisions?

How do I handle criticism or feedback? How can I handle it better?

What values are important to me?

Are there organisations that I would never want to work for? Why?

Are there organisations that I do want to work for? Why?

What am I good at?

What can I get better at?

What can I do to get better at those things?

How would I want people to describe me?

How would I hate for people to describe me?

What scares me?

What do I value as important?

What is my definition of success?

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