Project objectives

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What are we trying to achieve with our project?

You might have several objectives, and some objectives might be more important than others.

The clearer that you make the objectives, the easier your project planning, less room for misunderstanding, and we’ll all be clear about whether you’ve achieved your objectives at the end.

Objectives should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Specific.

Specific: Super clear on what you’re aiming to do, how, why etc.

Measurable: This is making it clear whether or not you’ve achieved your objective. Usually has a number in it.

Achievable: Can you actually do it? And with your project limitations (eg time, skills, budget etc)?

Relevant: Does it actually relate to your overall objectives and purpose? Make sure that it’s on track.

Time specific: Does it have a deadline attached?

eg. non-SMART objective: To increase listeners to the TAFE Radio station.

eg. SMART objective: To increase average listenership to TAFE Radio by 200% by December 2019, using a range of content and promotional strategies.



You’ve written some objectives already. Review them. Prioritise them.

Make sure they’re SMART.

Make a poster with them so you can have it in the classroom to keep yourselves on track.

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