Week 7 onwards (24/03): radio editing projects; presenting projects

Stencils – Lisbon, photo by tm

For presentation, we’ll be working on 3 main things:

  1. If you can access Adobe Audition at home, work through these projects. (You must be logged into the Google Drive to access these :))
    • Work through these in order, from 01 onwards.
    • When you’ve finished each one, play it for Brian by sharing your screen in Zoom.
  2. If you can’t access Adobe Audition at home, talk to Brian to troubleshoot.
  3. If Brian says you should move on to the next exercise (and come back to point 1 when we’re back at TAFE), script and record (on your phone):
    • 3x TAFE Radio station IDs
    • 2x Community Service Announcements. (These should be 15 or 30 seconds ads for a charity in Australia. Must be #safeforTAFE)
    • 1x video introduction to yourself as a media maker.
      This should be 30-60 seconds long.
      It should be scripted and presented with the target audience (ie potential employers) in mind.

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