Week 8 MoJo (1/8): Kapwing Part 1

Kapwing: cute little (free) content maker

Kapwing is a really simple little creative tool – it’s free, and you can use it to make simple videos, photo stories, posts for social media, and even memes.

This week and next we’re going to make a couple of things so we get to know our way around it. Disclaimer: I’m new to this too, so learning with you.

I have created a shared workspace where I want you to make your projects, and would like you to work in groups of two chosen by Michael and me.

Here’s an example of a video you could make at home – the writing is its real strength, and the rest of the production could be done in your lounge room.

Another example of a simple story with text:

And another really simple one:

(But let’s start with really simple and really easy!)


    1. Open Chrome, Safari, or Firefox (NOT Internet Explorer)
    2. Sign in to Kapwing
    3. Go to our #teamTAFE shared workspace
    4. Click on “new project” and explore for a while – like Canva it offers you various templates for different projects
    5. Plan a simple story together
      Some suggestions:
      A short story about you – who are you? What do you like to do? Where did you come from?
      A photo story with subtitles, text slides, or narration – it could be a music festival you went to, a slideshow of your best friends, a story of a place that is important to you
      Something about pirates and piracy for Off Campus and our socials
      A story inspired by current events
      A series of memes
    • Your story must be optimised for mobile viewing
    • Keep text simple – use a sans serif font and either black on white or white on black. Make it large enough to be read on the screen of an iPhone 5
    • If you use photos, video, or music, they must be your own, or CC-licenced
    • NOTE: Projects only remain in the free version of Kapwing for seven days, so if you love the thing you make, download and save it!

Author: veritychambers

Journalist and teacher

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