How to record a phone call at home

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Recording a phone call at home can be challenging, but here is a way to record on your computer and get excellent results.

First up: Some hardware you need so we can get your phone into a computer.

With the smart phone 4 pin plug, insert it into your speaker output.

Set volume to max.

The other end of the cable should be a standard 3 pin stereo plug that plugs into your computer’s audio input.

I used an adapter cable from Jaycar Electronics.

My computer has a separate line in jack, but if you haven’t, try your mic input. You may have to decrease your phone output level going into a mic channel

Go to this link and download the free Software from VB Audio.

Download and install the Voice Meter Software.

You will be prompted to reboot your computer.

Channel 1 Hardware input has a dropdown menu, I selected my Rode microphone. It has USB connection into the computer. Any USB mic will do.

Audio level Adjustment is via the fader (orange)

Channel 2 Hardware input also has a dropdown menu, I selected Line In.

Audio level Adjustment is via the fader (green)

In this picture I am playing music from my phone and it is appearing on Channel 2 fader. My Rode Microphone is just picking up room noise.

This Mixer also has a cute audio recorder. It records a.wav file, to its folder in My Documents. Make sure the master output fader is set to 0db.

Any sound over 0db will clip and distort.

To set up the recorder, right click on the cassette recorder.

This dialogue will appear.

Change parameter to Post Fader Output. Bus A1.

Wav or mp3 formats are available.

Have your smartphone on speaker, that feeds into the mixer.

Adjust your microphone and the caller for a good audio balance. Generally, the call should be a little louder than you.

Make sure your smartphone is near your mouth as well.

The caller needs to hear your voice as they would normally.

A smartphone cradle on a mic stand is perfect solution.

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