But I don’t have a tripod at home!

Having a still and steady shot is often very important for whatever awesome video you’re making.

If you haven’t picked up a tripod from TAFE (or bought one from Daiso or somewhere), you still have lots of options to keep your phone steady.

Here are a couple of random ones that I threw together in my kitchen.

If you have a cardboard roll and a pair of scissors, you too can have your own smart phone stand.

It literally took me less than a minute to make this, including working out how to do it.

If you don’t have a cardboard roll handy, there are other options.

Adapt as you see fit. (Also if you come up with something isn’t quite stable or level, a blob of blu tak can help.)

A stapler turned on its side.

A wire kitchen rack.

(Might need a bit of propping up to make it level, but you get the general idea.)

Or a small and stable glass.

There are so many options. Look around and be a bit creative.

And let us know if you come up with a cool solution for a DIY tripod.

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