Week 12 (12/05): the strategy

Image by pikrepo


Checking in with your assessments.

We’re on the home stretch of the semester.

We have learnt a lot, especially about being adaptive to the way that we make media. Sometimes, we have the luxury of a radio studio, other times, we create remotely.

Today you will have the opportunity to choose what you do. So here goes:

  1. First priority: WordPress.

You can also choose this option if you want to work on your WordPress, or need advice or help. Check the assessment brief to make sure you’re on track.

  • Build your portfolio of work. Are there any gaps?
    Need help or inspo?
  • Make a story that is timely (i.e. something happening in the world that is relevant to your audience’s interests). Your story can be written, audio, video, photos, or graphics (or something else you come up with!) Maybe try something new – Kapwing here’s how.
  • Prioritise applying for online opportunities. Think about your skill-set, ambitions, brand, services, how you present visually (will there be a logo?), how much are you worth… More ideas here

I will be creating some quiet rooms for people to break into so I can work with them on their ideas. As always, we value collaboration, so if you want to work with someone else, let me know.

We will stay in Zoom, in rooms. It makes it easier for me to facilitate if anyone needs advice, or if you want to show me what you’re doing.

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