Week 13 (20/05): How to submit assessments

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For full guidelines (covering any queries you may have) check out the Subject Guide for Audio & Video Stories – Diploma of Screen and Media.

All files submitted must include in both the file name and the folder name (Student Drive):

  • Your name (C Adams)
  • Class (Diploma)
  • Assessment number (Part 1)

It is important that you keep a copy of all assessments submitted to TAFE, and regularly back up all your files.

If requested, you must be able to provide a new copy of your assessment.


Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

Part 1 – Audio Feature or Podcast

  1. Audio file –  wav or mp3
  2. Word doc – A photo of yourself, or another photo you have taken specifically plus a short (20-50 words) description of the podcast or feature, that you can use for a Soundcloud and/or WordPress description
  3. Word doc – containing all scripts, planning documents & any research links – please put a heading before each section (Script, Research, Planning).

That’s a total of 3 files for Part 1

  • Save completed Podcast/Feature Story in your TAFE Student folder as wav file and mp3 file for up loading to Sound Cloud Server, for internet broadcast and social media distribution. Embed photo of yourself in studio, to mp3 file.
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Part 2 – Video Story

  1. Video file –  mp4 – 2-5 mins duration
  2. Word doc – Evaluation of the process and finished product (200 words)
  3. Word doc – Scripts, Research and other notes including edit notes (can be messy!)
  4. Production sheet (filled in) – more info at the end

That’s a total of 4 files for Part 2.

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

Part 3: Assessment Checklist –

For Student to check – Nothing to submit

The assessor will use the following checklist to mark your submissions.

All the criteria described in the Assessment Checklist must be met.

The assessor may ask questions while the submission/presentation is taking place or if appropriate directly after the task/activity has been submitted/completed.

Part 4 Assessment Feedback –

Both Assessor and Student to fill out

The Assessor will fill out an Assessment Feedback Form stating the Assessment Outcome and any Feedback as well as how a student can improve performance.

This may entail a conversation with the student.

The student will have the opportunity to make any comments about the Assessment.

Both the Assessor and the Student will sign and date the Assessment Feedback Form. 

NOTE: Students will need their Student ID Number for this

Please note: There are penalties for learners found to be cheating and/or plagiarising in an assessment.


Production Call Sheets are emailed to all cast, crew and production members associated with a production before a shoot starts. It contains names, phone numbers, emails of all those involved.

It also has info on locations and dates/times etc. This allows everyone to able to contact anyone incase it is needed.

They also contain CALL TIMES: so that each member knows when to turn up. 

Depending on the production it can be a very long, involved document.

Plus other roles e.g. DIRECTOR:   DOP:   WARDROBE:   SCENES:   etc, etc

The one you need to fill out is a simplified version for a shoot like the one you’re doing for your video. In most cases you will be camera, producer, cast etc.  For privacy reasons you can make up phone numbers and email addresses in order to complete the Production Sheet.

You’ll find a Production Sheet here:

Fill it in for your video story shoot and upload with your assessment Part 2 – Video Story.

Here’s how to fill it in…

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