Get into community radio

Image by CBAA/Keep Community Radio

Getting your first job in the media industry can be a bit tricky.

Job ads will say “experience required” – but how are you supposed to get experience if you can’t get the job?

In Australia, we have an incredible community broadcasting sector with over 400 stations across the country. They’re primarily volunteer-driven, and that means you have the opportunity to volunteer your time, get experience, build your network and your skills, and to put into practice some of the things that you learn at TAFE.

I should say – I’m biased. I absolutely love community radio. A lot of my career has been spent making shows, running stations, and working on nation-wide projects.

So how do YOU get into community radio?

First up: identify what stations work for you.

There’s a whole list of stations here.

If you listen to a particular community radio station, that would be a great first choice.

Otherwise, look for stations near you.

Secondly: Get in touch.

If you don’t hear back right away, that’s okay. Try again.
Try calling as well as emailing.
Try a different day.

(Stations are often run by volunteers, or by staff who have a zillion things to do. Just be persistent – which is a great thing to get good at for this industry.)

Some ideas to start:

Eastside Radio in Paddington

FBi Radio in Redfern

2ser in Ultimo (which is really, really close to TAFE)

2RRR in Ryde/Gladesville is also a good option. (Lots of our students have volunteered there!)

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