Week 13 (22/05): Your content strategy

Image by Lewis Ogden


There’s no doubt about it. Anyone who wants to seriously establish a personal brand needs to develop a content strategy.

So what is it?

A content strategy is a roadmap that tells you what you’re going to create and how, when you’re going to publish it and how you’re going to promote it.

Publishing content regularly helps your personal brand by:

  • Boosting your visibility (read more about SEO)
  • Helping you develop your voice (as well as your skills) 
  • Developing your expertise
  • Opening the way for collaboration

Speaking of collaboration First Things First: The Team

Social Media Collaboration: Tips and Tools

Want more?

Some good thinkers on content strategy:

Some how to’s:

  • Why a content strategy
  • How to develop one

What kind of content to create?

Most of your content material will probably be short-format pieces, such as blog posts and articles.

But here are some other content ideas to consider for your content strategy:

  • Blog regularly
  • Post consistently on socials
  • Make videos or vlogs
  • Make radio shows or segments
  • Write
  • Take photos
  • Make gifs, Boomerangs or other simple animations
  • Start a podcast
  • Look at any special skills, knowledge or experience you have: maybe you can make instructional or expert content? or write an e-Book?

Here’s some more inspiration.

Next: Create a content calendar

How to craft high-quality content quickly (eg in one hour or less).

To grow into a prolific content creator, you need to be able to integrate speed and quality into your work.

See what works best for you, then start practising those skills until it becomes habitual.

Use some good old-fashioned teamwork, a checklist, thoughtful conversation and 60 minutes on the clock. By bringing these elements together, you’ll be on your way to creating a documented content strategy.


Based on your career objectives, personal brand and elevator speech (that you’ve developed in previous weeks), write yourself a content strategy.

It doesn’t need to be in any particular format, but should include:

  • What type of content you want to make
  • How often you’re going to make it
  • Where you’re going to publish (and republish/share) it.


I might decide to:

  • Write a good news bulletin every week. This will go out on TAFE Radio. I’ll also upload to Soundcloud, and post on my WordPress. Then I’ll tweet the link.
  • I’m also going to review a film every two weeks as a written article. This will go up on WordPress. I’ll tweet the link.
  • Finally, I’m going to take photos of everyday suburban life. I’m going to upload them to Instagram (at least 2x week), and make sure that I have an Instagram widget on my WordPress site.


Make one of things from your content strategy.

Feel free to draw inspiration from The One Hour Content Challenge or the Quarantine Challenge.

You can work by yourself, or collaborate with one or more of your classmates.

(NOTE: Have you noticed that this task can form part of your assessment?)

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