Week 14 MoJo (27/5): Reconciliation prep

Illustration: The National Reconciliation Week website

Two things today:

  1. Find your MoJo to make something for Reconciliation Week
  2. For homework, prepare a vox pop on any topic. We will do the vox pop as an exercise in class next week.


Make something for this week’s theme. It can be:

      • a written story to be published on Off Campus
      • an interview with a relevant person, recorded for the show or in Q&A form for Off Campus
      • something for socials (e.g. a video, a graphic, an audiogram, a series of tweets that we can schedule for Friday morning)
      • a piece of audio to open the show (listen to the audio in this Instagram post, which opened our 2019 Reconciliation show)
      • a talk break or story for the show
      • anything else your beautiful creative minds can conjure up

You will have time to continue working on this in tomorrow’s Online and Social class. As always, we encourage collaboration. This is an important show for us, and we are excited about your contributions.


Think of an idea for a vox pop. If you can’t remember much about vox pops, there is some info here.

Bring some questions to class next week – we will be vox popping one another, I will record the session, and the exercise will count as your vox pop for assessment.

Your vox pop questions

You can choose a vox pop style:

  1. You may decide to ask your interviewees a series of questions on a timely topic, such as the easing of lockdown restrictions. Questions might include:
      • How do you feel about restrictions being eased in NSW?
      • What’s the first thing you will do once you’re free?
      • What will you miss about being locked down?
      • Has your job been affected by the restrictions? How?
      • etc.

2. You also might ask your interviewees just one question in order to elicit a story, a memory, or an opinion about something. Producer of the ABC’s You Can’t Ask That, Kirk Docker, did just that with his series of vox pops for Hungry Beast, which included this one, where he asked interviewees: “When have you felt powerless?”

Another fascinating Docker vox pop is this one, where he asks “What is perfection?”


Please don’t stress! This exercise is intended as a way to achieve the requirements of the assessment, but you are among friends, and it will be fun, promise 🥰

Author: veritychambers

Journalist and teacher

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