Week 15 (3/5): Vox popping

“Sir, how do you feel about the easing of COVID restrictions?” Photo: Richard Leeming/CC/flickr

For anyone who hasn’t done our vox pop assessment, today (and tomorrow, and next week) is your chance.

I admit I haven’t worked out exactly how we’re going to do this, so please bear with us!


Complete the vox pop (part 1 of this assessment). PLEASE understand that we are amending some assessments, and I will let you know if you need to do more to achieve competency.

If you still need to do this exercise, you should have written a question or questions as outlined in the Homework section of this post last week.

    1. Please put in the chat field the following: either ‘yes, I have done a vox pop’ or ‘no, I need to do one today’.
    2. If your answer was YES, I have done a vox pop, you may prepare for the #Yum show.
    3. If your answer was NO, I need to do a vox pop, stay with us and we will work out how to manage it.
    4. If you have done a vox pop, but would like to volunteer to be asked vox pop questions, big hugs to you, please stay with us 😇🥰


    1. We will stay in the same room and help each person through their exercise
    2. You should record your vox pop on your phone while you are asking questions. Take headphones off, turn your computer speakers on, use the native recording app on your phone
    3. Sound quality is NOT being assessed. This is an interviewing exercise, and your questions and answers are the important thing
    4. Be cool, treat this as an exercise (I think it’ll be fun!) and know we will not let you fail (no such word in our lexicon xxx)
    5. Submit your recording (it may be unedited) to your folder in the Final Assessments/MoJo folder in the Drive

Author: veritychambers

Journalist and teacher

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