Week 15 (04/06): Editing

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com


C4 S1 2020 Google share folder > Final Assessments here

Term 2 Video story edit

  • Hoping to give lots of feedback on your edits this week!
  • Finished edit due today 4 June

We only have this class to complete and next week for me to finish feeding you back and for you to have exported to Final Assessments. (That is if I haven’t given you an extension due to COVID issues.)

Please include a screen grab of your organised Premiere Pro project

For eg.  

Reminder your assessment includes a 300 word reflection which also needs to be saved into Final Assessments

Please talk to me if you have any issues with completing your assessment
I’m here to support you

A reminder

Your Video story needs to have at minimum:

  • Intro or PTC
  • Audio interview/ Voiceover or Zoom interview
  • A selection of varied B roll shots
  • Outro or PTC

ASSESSMENT requirement clarification here

Premiere Pro

EDITING review



  • cutting in B roll shots using a student shoot example
  • adding lower third supers to your interviews
  • Adding rolling credits
  • Fine tuning your edit and balancing your audio

Premiere Pro video links

Primary & secondary colour correction

Animate end credits

Rolling credits

Premiere Pro editing shortcuts here

Good luck with finishing editing your video story!

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