Week 1: Getting started with online and socials

Photo by MockupEditor.com on Pexels.com

We’re going to build ourselves a WordPress site… starting NOW!

You’ll post all of your work throughout the semester onto this site, and it will become the basis of your professional portfolio.

As we go through these steps, sing out if you get stuck. There are also some good tutorials here, and on LinkedIn Learning.

Set up your account

Set yourself up with a WordPress account here.

IMPORTANT: do not sign up for a paid account yet.
(You may choose to later, but definitely don’t yet.)

Verify your account through your email.

Choose a site name that suits. (Yes you can change it later if you like.)

Choose a theme. (Again, make sure you choose one that’s free.)

(HINT 1: You can change almost any aspect of your site later, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You can delete posts, change your theme, change the site name or URL…. pretty much anything on the site.)

ALSO IMPORTANT: do not post photos that you didn’t take yourself.
(You definitely can’t use just any photo that you find on Google Image search! We’ll cover copyright later in the semester, but if you’re super keen you can read ahead now.)

Set up your menu

First, on a piece of paper, write down how you want to organise your site.
(Remember, you can change this later.)

Example 1: Home / Writing / Audio / Video / Photography / About

Example 2: About / AFL / Boxing / Tennis / Other / Contact

Next, understand the difference between Categories, Posts and Pages.

For example 1:
Writing, Audio, Video and Photography will be Categories.
When I publish an article, it will be a Post.
About will be a Page.

For example 2:
About and Contact will be Pages.
AFL, Boxing, Tennis and Other will be Categories.

Let’s set up your Categories, Pages and Menu.

[Stop and let me demo this – it’ll be much easier to follow]

Go to WP Admin.

(HINT 2: WP Admin is usually on the bottom on the menu on the left, but if you get stuck… put in your site URL and add “/wp-admin” to the end.)

Go to Posts –> Categories, then add your categories.

Go to Pages –> Add new, for each page you want to make. (Remember, Pages are static, so only add Pages for anything that will not change.)

Go to Appearance –> Menus. We’ll add the Categories and Pages to our Menu, reorder it, choose what sort of menu we want, and then update.

(HINT 3: When you’re working on your WP site, keep two tabs open: one with your editor, the other with your site open. That way, you can refresh the site every time you update to see how it’s looking.)

If you get this done by the end of Week 1, AWESOME. Well done you!

If you’re eager to do more, there are a few extra things you can work on:

  1. Write and publish your first post.
    Make sure you add a Category to your post so it comes up in that part of the menu.
  2. Write a bio for your About page.
    Not sure how to start? Read this.

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