Week 4: Let’s get organised

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Before we start making lots of content, it’s helpful to set up some systems.

Where will you save your files? Your notes? Your research?

How will you name things?

How will you keep track?

And what happens if your drive is wiped, or your file corrupts? Will you have a back up somewhere?


Set up a system to organise your media work.

Your system should cover:

  • Any class activities
  • Notes you take
  • Ideas you have
  • Research, including links you find
  • Photos, audio and video you record
  • Project files (say, Adobe Audition or Premiere)
  • Your source files
  • Your draft assessments
  • Your final assessments

Make sure you decide:

  • Where you will save things
  • How you will organise your files
  • What you will name your files
  • How you will back up your work, and how often

Set up any platforms, folders, whatever you need.

Resources to get you started:



One Drive




And let me know if you find something great that’s not on this list!

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