Finding reliable info


First let’s get into a journalistic mood 🤓

List Portal’s 8 Best Movies About Writers:

The Balibo Five is a true story of Australian journalists censored and silenced forever. You can read more about what happened here.

Channel 7 special report by Nick McCallum:

There is also a movie. made by Robert Connolly:

Today – Research: What are appropriate sources of information?

Ultimately, you’ll develop your own strategies but your ideas and information may be sourced from:

      • Tip-offs from contacts
      • Your intuition and gut feel
      • Press releases
      • Events on the news-cycle
      • Other journalists, etc.

You MUST triple-check facts before broadcasting or publishing.

Starting research

On this site:

Other useful websites:

Reputable news sites:

  1. Spend time reading and researching the links above. Then, chose one story from this list of media releases and re-write it into a story that you could publish on your WordPress site. Length: 300-400 words
  2. Choose a Creative Commons (CC) image – here’s how.
  3. Submit to your Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Drive


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