Week 7 Producing (14/9): Make Me Media

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay


Diploma TAFE Radio Show streaming times: 

    • Monday. 11am
    • Tuesday. 3pm
    • Thursday. 6pm
    • Saturday. 10am

Today’s task is Make Me Media plus listen to TAFE Radio and air-check in real time!

Let’s have a content meeting and strive to create a story that’s NOT COVID-19  related.

Journalists and broadcasters are working their butts off to keep abreast of virus updates all the while, life goes on and it’s easy to miss some big stories.

Like this one from last week.

It also means stories like this and this happen.

Ask yourself … what other big stories have been kept out of the news cycle due to the current circumstances? And did they really happen?

Once upon a time, it was good practice to double-check your sources; in the digital age, I’d suggest triple or quadruple check!


Research, write and record an audio (soft or hard news) story.

Your story must be about something that’s not COVID-19.

The story could be in the format of being played as a segment in a radio show (max. 2:30 mins) or short-form for a news bulletin (max. 45 seconds, including a short intro for the newsreader).

Upload the audio to Soundcloud or Whooshka.

Upload to the Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Drive and embed in a post on your WordPress site.

Include an appropriate headline, caption, and CC-licensed image.

Meet back at 11:45 am for feedback and discussion.

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