Week 7 Presenting (14/9): Break structure

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Welcome bright young things 😎


We’re listening to and thinking about how to structure a radio talk break.

It can also be referred to as an ad-lib, rave, step-down, link, speed-break etc.

John Simmons from Broadcast Bionic does a good job in briefly taking you through a typical day in live radio land:


What do you listen to? Which DJ, announcer or broadcaster do you relate to?


    1. Write 100 words on the radio personality that you most relate to: what is it about their style, language, humour, personality, etc. that appeals to you.
    2. Script 4-5 talk breaks of your own.



Be aware that you’ll be heard in and around music, commercials, promos, etc.

Try to make each break have a clear beginning, middle and end.

Record the breaks on your device.

Upload to your Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Google drive.


Next week: inclusive language

Plan, prepare, produce and record a group or pair show. Let’s discuss how can we can achieve this remotely. It is possible!

This segment from BBC Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James is pacey, fun and inclusive in that it’s a lot about everyday life and generally doesn’t preclude anyone.


Meet back in Zoom at 3:25, for feedback and discussion.

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