#1: We all should know…

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay


Write a 200-300 word story, explaining a concept, idea or thing that everyone should know about but doesn’t.

When you’re done:

Post it to your WordPress site with an appropriate headline and CC-licensed image.

If you’re feeling brave, share the post link to our section Facebook group with the hashtag #ContentChallenge.

Need some help getting started?

Think of a very specific topic or question to answer.

Here are some broad ideas:

    • Science (biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy…)
    • Social phenomena (rituals, beliefs, sub-cultures…)
    • Technology (hardware, software, mobile…)
    • History (of sport, language, place…)
    • Arts (music, film, literature, painting, photography…)
    • Sport
    • Cooking
    • Social media
    • Pop culture

Once you choose your broad topic, start narrowing it down. The more specific and narrow a topic you can get, the easier this exercise will be.

DIFFICULT: What is bitcoin?
EASIER: What do bitcoin miners actually do?

DIFFICULT: What’s the history of football?
EASIER: Why did they introduce the offside rule?

DIFFICULT: Why you should watch Australian films
EASIER: Why you should know about Warwick Thornton

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