Week 10 (20/10): Story Structure

Photo: Pixabay.com/CC


Last week we reviewed a variety of excellent techniques to help us get those creative juices flowing in order to generate story ideas. RECAP – Brainstorming a Feature Story

This week we will refine the art of the three-act structure. It’s a storytelling strategy that assists the audience and the writer. The three-act structure is an established way of mapping stories.

The three-act structure applies to just about any story. Fictitious or true. Long or short. Entertaining or informational. It works with a short film, a TV commercial, a cartoon, and it can also work with a news story -:

Beginning, Middle, End = Setup, Conflict, Resolution.

READ – The Three-Act Structure


Turn any story you have written into a 500-word story using the Three-Act Structure. Or you may wish to use your News Story and write that up using the three-act structure.  Keep in mind who your intended audience is.

An easy way to keep to the 3-Act Structure is to think of your 500 words divided by 4.

Act 1 Setup – introduce us to the character, their world – approx 125 words

Act 2 Conflict, Part 1 – to midpoint when something shifts the main character – approx 125 words

Act 2 Conflict, Part 2 – the actions caused by the shift – approx 125 words

Act 3 Resolution – tying up the story. This will include a climax as a result of what the main character has been though on their journey – approx 125 words

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