Week 10 (23/10): Staying afloat

Photo by Linnaea Mallette


“It’s not what you say, it’s what they hear.”

Red Auerbach, US basketball coach

Let’s start with a quiz, and get to know a little about the power of iTunes and Triple J.

Today’s resources:

Radio and TV greats to get us inspired: Roy and HG

How to be ridiculous:

The importance of vocal warm-ups:


Using some of your findings from the Assessment 2 (Career Objectives), concept and design a 1 page “micro-media business” plan.
It’s a more detailed elevator pitch.
Think about your skill-set, ambitions, brand, services, how you present visually (will there be a logo?), how much are you worth etc.

More resources for today

  • The key to survival is the media industry is versatility so it helps to have an entrepreneurial mind-set.
  • Develop your skills at home: learn how to use your voice, write, produce, blog, be digitally-savvy. These skills will serve you well.

In the ’80s, Video Killed the Radio Star… but are Internet radio and streaming services killing radio?






It would seem not.

  • Where to find opportunities both in Australia and Internationally. Here are some to start with:

Radio Today

Jocks’ Journal


ABC careers

Want to read more because you’re a keen bean?


Start here to get an understanding of how the media industry is changing, and where you might fit in.

Go here if you need a pep talk.

And here if you want to know about stuff like pay rates.

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