Week 12 (2/11): The First Draft

“folders” by Fifi LePew is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


VIDEO: How do journalists sort their information?


Organising the information you have collected is key to imposing order on your thought process and starting to write your article.

Everybody has their own unique way of organising their raw material, no way is better than another, just different.

Check out Verity Chambers’ blog post for more: https://tafemedia.wordpress.com/2020/05/11/the-first-draft/

DISCUSSION: How do you organise your draft material before writing an article?

Personally, I find starting any article the hardest part of writing. Once the information and thoughts are in order, and I know what I need to write, I can begin. I will use transcripts and pages of research, often in hard copy, and underline or mark the parts I want to focus on. However, the first few paragraphs that I write are often not the start of the finished piece and will sometimes never make it into the final story.

DISCUSSION: What is the hardest part of writing an article for you?


Please show me your completed story draft (this is the written piece you should submit for the first part of the second assessment). A reader should be able to see the form of the entire story, complete with facts, quotes, anecdotes, and any description. From there we will be able to tell which holes, if any, need filling.

Remember that your story should demonstrate evidence of research from a number of sources.

Also, note that you will be rewriting the same story as a script suitable for broadcast as a 1-minute audio story. Your script should contain an appropriate intro and outro, and grabs (i.e. quotes) from the interview/s you conducted. You do not need to record your script – submit in written form only.

Author: veritychambers

Journalist and teacher

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