Week 12 (3/11): Recap week

Photo: Karen at Mason Jars/CC/Wikimedia Commons


First up – how are you?

Are you on track to finish your assessment? (For this class, and your Wednesday class.) Any points of stress?

Do you need any extra help? More time? Some time on campus? A chat to work out how to get things done?

How are you balancing your study workload, your other commitments and your down time?


You will have an opportunity to choose what you do.

Check the assessment brief to make sure you’re on track.

Use this time to work on completing your assessment.


Work on creating an awesome portfolio and populate your WordPress site with your best content – Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com.

Look at your WordPress site, WordPress step by step and at your social media accounts.

Make a list of the things you need to post on your WordPress site. Think about the stories you have written, audio stuff you’ve made, and any scripts, graphics, audiograms, videos, photos … anything! This list can also contain things you have made outside TAFE. Embedding Getty Images in your WordPress

Post your stuff. Videos and audio need to be hosted somewhere before you embed them in a post (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud) –  Embedding audio or video in WordPress

  1. Do you have widgets on your WordPress?
  2. Do you have an About page?
  3. Have you changed your header image, or are you still using the photo WordPress gave you? (Change it, or remove it entirely)
  4. Have another look at the Categories in your menu. Are there any that are empty? Do you want to rethink your menu and categories?
  5. Are your social accounts (Twitter, Instagram in particular) linked to your WordPress site, and do they fit with your WordPress theme and design?
  6. Do you love your theme? If you don’t, you can change it without losing any of your work.

Some more Tips and Tricks

And Inspiration

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Journalist and teacher

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