Week 13 (13/11): Deadlines!

Week 13 and Friday the 13th! May all your kittehs be just like Milky Black ⬆️🖤


RADIO: Final portfolio and reflection are due next week: see the Subject Guide for specifics and be sure to address the criteria

JOURNALISM: Due now: ASSESSMENT 2 -FINAL PORTFOLIO and reflection. See Subject Guide for specifics and be sure to address the criteria

11 am “There’s a Day for That” radio

Thanks to all for your awesome contributions!

Listen live here: https://offcampus.media/listen-to-tafe-radio/

Today’s lesson


Producing, presenting and writing all require you to know a little bit about a lot of stuff. Develop a solid general knowledge and have an enquiring mind.

On-line Creepy Crawly quiz:


Behind every great show is a committed, diligent producer or team of producers.

A Day in the Life of an Irish Radio Producer:

A day in the life of Nova Entertainment/Smooth FM News Director, Glenn Daniel:

A Day in the Life of a British Radio Producer: what is the RICE acronym?

And if story-telling and sound collide to produce a beautiful audio marriage, you have Radio Art. Check out this article from abc.net.au:




In 2 hours: research, produce, write and record an audio story or an article to publish.

Audio story: 30 seconds-1:00 minute duration.

Published article: 200-300 words

In looking for a topic, throw the net wide in this simulated News Room task.

Be mindful of “sense of day” and check multiple media sites for inspiration.

It can be a short interview, something based on fact or an opinion piece.

Ideally, it’s a piece for next week’s show; post it on WordPress to build your portfolio, use it for your Assessment portolio.

Author: veritychambers

Journalist and teacher

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