Week 14 (16/11): Producing radio

Photo Airman Laura Beckley / Incirlik



Producing and presenting require you to know a little bit about a lot of stuff. Develop a solid general knowledge and have an enquiring mind.

Do the Creepy Crawly quiz.

Behind every great show is a committed, diligent producer or team of producers.

Read: A day in the life of an Australian radio producer

WATCH: A Day in the Life of a British Radio Producer.

What is the RICE acronym?

And if story-telling and sound collide to produce a beautiful audio marriage, you have Radio Art.

Read this.

Light relief: one of those days at rock radio; you’ll have ‘em!


Research, produce, write and record a short audio story.

  • 2 hour turnaround
  • Research, produce, write, and record a short audio story
  • 45 seconds-1:30 mins duration.
  • In looking for a topic, throw the net wide and in true “sense of day” style, check multiple media sites for inspiration. It can be a short interview, something based on fact and if you have an opinion on it, share it!
  • Submission: upload to Google Drive
Presenting: Promos, Station IDS

Simple creativity principals with SCA’s Sam Cavanagh:

Audio engineer Mike Russell from musicradio.com:

A Day in the Life of an audio producer:


Write, voice and record a 30 – 45 second promotion that shines the spotlight on your show, and upload it to the Google Drive.



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