Week 14 (18/11): Content challenge day + assessments

Haven’t submitted assessments yet? Be like Shia.

The end of the semester is screaming towards us like an out of control freight train. Soz if that stresses you out … it shouldn’t! You are amazing and have done fab things! And we are here to help.

Today you will have the opportunity to choose what you do. If you have not submitted all of your assessments, that is your first priority. If you’re freaking out, please talk to us 🥰

If you’re all good with assessments, we’d like you to choose one of the Content Challenges to complete in today’s class. It’s a good idea to make something that fits this week’s radio show theme, and obvs you can make it for radio, Off Campus, or socials.

You should also put your Content Challenge story onto your WordPress site, and look again at that and your social accounts with a really critical eye. Do they represent you as the content creator you want the world (and employers!) to see?

Revisit the checklist on this post about having a great portfolio of work.

  1. If you haven’t finished assessments, work on them right now and submit.
  2. If you have finished, choose a challenge and make it.
  3. When you have finished, cast an eye over your WordPress site and socials – do they need some love? Is all the work you have done this semester on them? If not, post!
  4. Read below re assessments and formal feedback.
About your final assessments

For full guidelines check out the MoJo Subject Guide in the Drive.

All files you submit must include both the file name and the folder name.

  • Your name : Snoop Dogg
  • Class: C4 MoJo
  • Assessment number(e.g. Part 1 Vox Pop)

DON’T FORGET to submit a reflection with each piece of work. (Not sure how to write reflections? This post by Natalie will help.)

The Assessment Checklist

We use the checklist to mark your performance against the assessment criteria of your submitted/presented project. You can use it to understand which skills and/or knowledge you need to demonstrate in your submission/presentation.

All the criteria described in the Assessment Checklist must be met.

Assessment Feedback

We will fill out an Assessment Feedback Form as a formal record of your Assessment Outcome with Feedback and some suggestions for how you might improve your work. Usually we chat about this together.

You will have the opportunity to make any comments about the Assessment.

Please have your student number handy for the feedback session 🐼

Author: veritychambers

Journalist and teacher

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