Week 15 (23/11): Making your radio demo

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


A reminder that your final assessments for both the AM Producing class and PM Presenting class are due now. The term finishes in 2 weeks; I’ll be actively giving you verbal and written feed-back at this time.

All you need to know here about your assessments in the Subject Guides and be sure that you’ve addressed all of the requirements.

Take the time to read and check that you’ve done all the tasks and that they are submitted in the way suggested.

Tip: read part 3 of each Guide, Assessment check-list. Super helpful and this may avoid you having to re-submit work

Today’s lesson: Making your radio demo using Adobe Audition


Using content that you’ve already recorded, make a 2-minute radio demo. Keep it brief, hook early; leave them wanting more. Be authentic. Upload to your folder at Google Drive.

The Pips tips for making a decent radio demo.


Once you’ve got a demo. start reaching out to Content Directors via email and ‘phone and be sure to include your biography and a link to your WordPress site which is a “marketing tool”. If you have made video and photographic content, say for social media, let your potential employer know that you have a multi-disciplined skill-set.

Sign up to job alerts:


Look for job leads @


Considering turning your Radio Show into a Podcast? Here are some tips to start:

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