Producing and Presenting Week 1 (8/2): Here we go!


Photo: pxhere/CC0 Public Domain

Week 1 AM class: Producing Programs

Step one: You’ve done Orientation – tick! Please be sure to complete, sign and return these two forms:

  1. Student Acknowledgement and
  2. Authority to Publish
Keeping up with journalists, broadcasters and presenters: Do they always get it right?

What happens when we don’t? Can I say that? Are my hands tied and how hard is it to keep freedom afloat?

Media taking a good long hard look at itself, Media Watch on ABC TV and iView:

Producers, presenters and writers need to know a little about a lot.


Radio, Cinema, and Television have been staples in news coverage, entertainment, and education for almost 100 years. But where did they all come from? Who started what and when and why? In this Crash Course episode, Hank Green talks to us about their birth and a dead elephant.

How to make content that engages with listeners. The RICE acronym by Kate Cocker @ Radio. Co


Look, listen and analyse Kate’s approach to making content. What are the most important elements to enable you to source and create engaging media?

250-300 words. Use word doc.

Using your device, record your findings, presented in an informal, conversational style.

Save as an mp3


Week 1 PM class: Presenting Programs

A little bit about me:

Really really big icebreaker, Gulf of Bothnia, Finland. Photo: Creative Commons Zero – CC0

A little bit about you: let’s go around the room. Tell me something about yourself that I wouldn’t find at Google; it’s your chance to shine, reveal the story-teller within!

Useful industry news, moves and insights


In pairs and using your device, conduct a brief interview with each other. Using a little back ground knowledge, introduce your interviewee and ask open- ended questions. Swap roles. Edit and save as an MP3


Radio-related movies to watch:

Talk Radio by Oliver Stone

Howard Stern’s Private Parts

The Boat that Rocked starring Phillip Seymour-Hoffman

Good Morning Vietnam, starring Robin Williams

And a parody of current affairs TV: Frontline with Rob Sitch

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