Week 1 (10/2): Introduction to Writing

Eager young reporters learning the trade. Photo: JMULibraries/Flickr/CC


Welcome to Writing

Writing is a simple word that encompasses many meanings, even when restricted to the world of journalism, and, when it’s done right, is both a craft AND an art.

The aim of this class is to make you a better writer and, in doing so, give you the tools to make a success of whatever career you are planning to pursue.

But it’s not all serious. Here’s a humorous look at how journalism is displayed on the big screen.

Course outline

As journalism no longer lives in its traditional newspaper/radio/TV silos we will be looking at the various types of writing including:

  • Hard news writing
  • Radio reporting
  • Satire
  • Feature news writing
  • Even poetry!

Then putting that theory into practice via:

  • Weekly writing tasks
  • A portfolio of assessment tasks

And this is where most of the action will take place:


But, because a journalist always gathers information before they start writing, we’ll find out a little bit of basic information about each other through a couple of (hopefully) fun activities.

Group dynamics: How do you get your news (newspaper, radio, TV, internet or other) – and how often (multiple times a day, daily, etc)?

You’ll have to get out of your chair for this one.

The interview: Get to know your teacher Q&A.

Take a seat as your host Mark Gately takes questions from the floor.


Explore the write way to introduce yourself.

Write a six-paragraph story in the first person telling us a little bit about who you are, what you’ve been up to, what types of media and entertainment you enjoy, what your goals are and why you’re doing this course.

This could then be used on the home page of your WordPress site where you will publish work produced in this class throughout the semester.

Author: veritychambers

Journalist and teacher

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