Week 1 (12/2): Intro to Live Socials

“Social Media Keyboard” by Shahid Abdullah is marked with CC0 1.0


COMBINED CLASSES: How Newsroom, On Air and Live Socials work together

DISCUSSION: What will you be posting? Here are some examples:

  • Posts/stories in theme with the radio show
  • Radio show promotions
  • Facebook Lives
  • Introductions to each member of the team on the radio show
  • Topics generated by the radio show themselves eg an all female radio crew

Now, name the social media platform’s logos in the image above.

WATCH: Name the social media platforms in this video:

The video is from 2014 – name some social media platforms that have arisen since then.

Get familiar with the Subject Guide in Google Drive

OffCampus has a number of existing socials:

ACTIVITY: Explore each of these social media accounts. Who do you think the audiences are for these platforms? How do you identify audience?

Personality of the OffCampus socials

  • We are friendly, warm, and welcoming
  • We love learning!
  • We don’t tolerate discrimination of any kind
  • We’re sometimes kooky, but never flaky
  • We’re smart and have good ideas
  • We have mad skills (or we’re building them!)
  • We aren’t scared to try new things, and we encourage others to have a go too
  • We are a team (#teamTAFE4eva ❤️ is actually a hashtag that exists)
  • Speaking of hashtags, we sometimes use a LOT of them, especially on Insta, to express our loving personality)
  • Similarly, we have been known to over-use emojis, and we ADORE a gif.
  • We are a family, and we celebrate our own and other people’s successes

STYLE GUIDE: TAFE Radio & Off Campus Handbook in Google Drive

Reasonable behaviour online

When posting online on OffCampus socials the rule has always been to be ‘Safe for TAFE’.

DISCUSSION: What is Safe For TAFE? What is reasonable behaviour when publishing on TAFE socials?

NSW TAFE is a NSW government statutory body. How does this influence what you post on TAFE social media?

ACTIVITY: Write a Code of Conduct.

What needs to go in a Code of Conduct?

Examples of other Codes of Conduct:

DISCUSSION: What roles will each person have during semester? For example, will groups be assigned to each platform? Will roles be rotated?


What are the different ways of scheduling social media posts?

  • Internally in the platform itself (eg Facebook)
  • Social media management tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite

ACTIVITY: What are the advantages and disadvantages of these different scheduling methods?

ACTIVITY: Let’s create a scheduling calendar for posts.

DISCUSSION: Thinking back to the beginning of this class, which social platforms do you think TAFE should have that we don’t?

This semester you are going to set up a TikTok account. What experience do you have with that platform?

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