Week 2 (15/2): Audience

“Coachella 07: The Saharan Sea” by Redfishingboat (Mick O) is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


News is a force that can transform society, but different news outlets reach different audiences.

For example, in the US which audiences are more likely to watch:

  • Fox News
  • CNN

One way to see how a news outlet targets different audiences is to check out their advertising collateral. For example, check out how Nine divides their audiences into different “tribes”.


How might the audience differ for these outlets:

  • Triple J vs Double J vs ABC Local Radio
  • A local newspaper vs The Sydney Morning Herald vs The Australian
  • ABC TV vs SBS vs Channel 7 vs Channel 9 vs Channel 10
  • Today FM vs Hope FM vs FBi
  • 2GB vs 2UE vs ABC RN

Now take a look at the different platforms that you can publish on at TAFE:

DISCUSSION: Who are the audiences for these platforms?

Do you think some audiences might have special requirements?

Now it’s your turn to create the news

In Newsroom we will be allocating an Editor and holding a news conference in each class.

You will be invited to research and produce a story or piece of content in three hours or less for our Off Campus website or for our social sites, Instagram, IGTV, Twitter, Facebook.

When the Radio show starts, you can pitch story ideas for the show.

This can be a written story (breaking news update – also known as briefs; interview; profile; review; list; explainer; opinion piece; even fiction).

It could also be a simple audio story (vox pop; interview; radio segment; radio news bulletin).

It can also be a story, video (live or not), series of tweets, a photo gallery, or anything else creative you think of on social media (Instagram, IGTV, Twitter, Facebook).

NOTE: Each week you will need to take note of your story, how you pitched it and who the editor was. You’ll need this for your diary as part of the Assessment (see the Subject Guide)


Vox Pops

Remember that video on Couple, Siblings or Strangers from last week’s blog?

DISCUSSION: What are vox pops?

Yep, this week we’re going to be creating Vox Pops.

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Journalist and teacher

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