Week 2 (17/2): Finding your voice

Image by freeillustrated from Pixabay


  • Identify elements of effective presentation.
  • Voice
  • Getting familiar with the studio

What specifically are we aiming to do in Presentation?

  • CUAAIR302 Develop techniques for presenting to camera
  • CUAPPM404 Produce programs and program segments 

Please read and become familiar with the Subject Guide.

Radio news: Kyle goes to war, again!

History of the DJ and Pirate radio:

The Voice Box:

Getting familiar with the studio: On Air with Tim Lee


Write a 300- 350-word report that can be used as a reference in the future.

Use the above resources (and others that you may find) to identify and, bullet point elements of effective presentation.

How do you get the most and, best out of your voice?

Remembering Brian Newington’s studio guide, what do you need to consider when preparing to record and/or present a live show?

Submit the word doc. to the Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Google Drive.

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