Week 2 (19/2): The media biz

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Introduction to the unit Articulate, debate and present ideas.

Media is a hungry beast that demands 24/7 content. It dictates that you come up with ideas, flesh them out through workshopping and road testing before you finally present them. Exactly how you unleash your creations upon the world is up to you: blogs, radio, TV, documentaries, articles; platforms are plentiful!

How do we communicate when the spotlight is shining upon us?

Screen and Media frequently intersects with music – even talk radio uses song snippets. Journalists write about artists, and music radio wouldn’t exist without music!

One guy who impresses me with his ability to clearly articulate, present convincingly and inclusively debate ideas is John Watson. He’s a key cog in the wheel of the Australian Music Industry.

Today listen to this Industry professional podcast. The guest is John Watson, Managing Director of Eleven Music.

FYI, John manages Gotye, Missy Higgins, Midnight Oil, Birds of Tokyo, and more.

    1. Listen to the episode From the Inside With Peter Rix, which is a conversation with John Watson
    2. Write a 300-400 word reflection of what you learnt from John’s insights into the music business
    3. Choose a Creative Commons (CC) licenced image to go with your reflection – in case you need it, here’s a reminder of how to find them

Submit your reflection to the Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Google Drive.

Author: veritychambers

Journalist and teacher

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