Week 3 (22/2): Radio surveys, formatics, and technique

young girl wearing headphones and listening to music
How do you keep listeners enraptured? Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/CC/pexels.com


AM: Producing Programs

Who listens to radio anyway?

By now, you’re getting the drift that we care a lot about the audience.

No audience = no station = sounds of silence. Yes, a lovely Simon & Garfunkel song but it’s not going to help sustain a career in media.

Let’s take a look at who listens to the radio. Gosh, I keep getting distracted by song references! This time from Melbourne band, The Sports ….

Anyhow, let’s have another look at this blog post from our fearless Head Teacher, Natalie Pozdeev: Who listens to radio anyway?


Class discussion:

      • What results do you find interesting or surprising in this radio survey and its analysis?
      • Which stations would be happy with the outcome, and why?
      • In the case of commercial stations, what could these results mean for its advertisers?
Script writing:
Prepare 2-3 scripts that will become talk breaks recorded in studio after lunch. Remember, be authentic, be you! 
Start working on assessments.

Upload your work to the Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Google Drive. 

TIPS: Writing and present copy for radio

Consider radio ad writer Steve Manning’s techniques.

PM: Presenting Programs

Resources for this afternoon:

When things go wrong:

Radio talk and music: Nick’s website

Radio.co’s 20 ways to become a polished presenter (with or without a British accent!)

What are ‘formatics’? Read an overview from Geller’s book Powerful Radio.

What are formats, and which formats do radio stations adhere to?

Finally, a list of Australian radio stations and their formats.

Record your scripts in the studio, save and upload to your folder in the Drive. Beyond cleaning up the start and end of the file, no edit needed.
Write: using the above resources, create a 300–400-word report exploring
  • Radio presentation techniques 
  • Basic elements: show structure and formatics
  • Radio station formats

Upload your report to the Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Drive.

Work on assessments.


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