Week 3 (26/2): Making digi content (let’s go!)

The Financial Times newsroom. Photo: Adam Tinworth/flickr/CC


Last week we formed groups and appointed editors. This is how the structure looks:

Editor: Therese

Section editors: Bray (social issues), Sean (sport), Kevin (politics/crime/business)

Each section editor is responsible for co-ordinating group discussions, liaising with the editor, ensuring group members are producing individual content, making a news list and ensuring a group member is ready to pitch stories each week.

The editor will liaise with the section editors to stay on top of the content each group is producing and, when we begin publishing, will work with me on scheduling content and ensuring it’s all fit for publication.

Valuable tool

Online design tool Canva can be used to create images that promote TAFE Radio and Journalism content or illustrate stories or social posts.

  • Canva helps you to make snappy social media graphics, easily – read these tips and watch the tutorial below. (You’ll also be doing more on Canva and using design elements in MoJo next week 🥳)

Some reading to refresh your memories:

Group meetings

  • Each group will reconvene to further develop the story ideas discussed last week, come up with new ideas, pitch content from Mojo or Socials if they have it and formulate a strategy for realising proposed stories.

Story pitch

  • A new member of each group will pitch to the class

Those who are ready can begin working on ideas that have been work-shopped in the groups otherwise:

  • Find a press release and write a news story in inverted pyramid style; or
    • Write a news bulletin for the radio show (there’s a good guide for structuring a news bulletin here); or
    • Put together a news package for an Off Campus social platform (e.g. Instagram story)
    • Should be something you’re missing from your portfolio 

Upload your work to the Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Drive. 

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