Week 4 (Presenting 1/3): Be prepared!

three scouts doing the scout salute, standing in a grassy spot
Photo: PickPik/CC


Before you step into a studio, you need to be prepared.

I used to think that meant a juice and a sandwich. No, no, no! Be nourished and hydrate yes, yes, yes but you’ll get as much out of a radio show as you put into it. Work at making the show a tasty morsel that will have your audience coming back for more.

Do WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda really take this approach?

    • Angles, stories, anecdotes, observations of life
    • Full script versus bullet point
    • The art of ad lib: according to the Collins Dictionary an ad-lib is something which is said without having been planned or written beforehand.

“Every time I fluffed a line Lenny got me out of trouble with a brilliant ad-lib.

7 Microphone Etiquette Tips:

    • Prepare yourself and your environment
    • Minimize your movement
    • Use a microphone stand
    • Don’t blow into, tap, or bump your microphone
    • Use a windscreen or your own pop filter
    • Stay consistently close to the mic.
    • Talk across the mic.
    • Class discussion about the resources above
    • Plan a Food-themed 1-hour show
    • Gather talk pieces
    • Assign roles
    • Decide to work in pairs or go solo; keep it #Safe4TAFE!

Upload your run-downs, scripts, audio, etc. to the Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Drive.

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