Week 4 (5/3): Creating socials

“Create – Wallpaper” by jbuc is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0


Today we will be creating Off Campus socials on the theme of Food to promote the first live TAFE Radio show of the year.

TASK: First divide into three groups for each of the Off Campus platforms: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

[You will get a chance to create content for each of these platforms in class in the next few weeks, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t get your platform of choice.]

Together as a group decide on an idea for a post, or series of posts, for your platform. Be creative, your story can be an image and text created in Canva, but it can also be a gif, a piece of audio or a short video.

TIP: Our audience loves happy faces, so you could introduce members of the socials team, the radio students in the studio, and the journalism students editing Off Campus.

Pitch your groups’ idea to the combined Newsroom.

Then Create!

Make sure to include important information such as:

And also:

  • Hashtags (we often use #teamTAFE in posts featuring photos or video of students 🥰)
  • Emojis (remember our style – where appropriate – is to embrace the emoji! ❤️🐼👻👽👀)

Studio tour, mic technique, and voice

In the Socials stream you can also present one of the live radio shows or create audio.

TOUR: Our own radio guru Brian Newington will take you on a studio tour in small groups.

WATCH: Mic technique

WATCH: Three tips for training your voice

Socials calendar

The Diploma class has created a socials calendar that we will use to schedule and plan our posts and make sure there are no double ups.

Let’s take a look, and as a class add the stories we have created to the calendar, and schedule when they will go out.

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Journalist and teacher

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