Week 4 (5/3): Live show prep … and getting political

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Destination: Weekly TAFE radio show; that’s what we’re gearing up for!

Your guide: Brian Newington

News Conference/Socials/Radio Content and On Air

  • Combined clout: journalism, live socials and radio students unite
  • Using the studio and news-room. Sharing resources, three departments (news, socials, and programming) are better than one!
  • Mic techniques with Brian

Remember, while Journalism students will primarily perform the role of content producers for the weekly radio show and the Off Campus website, you are encouraged to put your hand up for an on-air role if that’s something you’re interested in.

Small groups will be rotating through the studio with Brian to get a grasp of the basics of radio broadcasting and the physical landscape of the studio.

Here are some techniques and tips to keep handy and review.

7 Microphone Tips (re-cap)

  • Prepare yourself and your environment
  • Minimize your movement
  • Use a microphone stand
  • Don’t blow into, tap, or bump your microphone
  • Use a windscreen or your own pop filter
  • Stay consistently close to the mic.
  • Talk across the mic

Voice: Tips For thosewho would like to get in front of the microphone, with Stephanie Ciccarelli.

Brainstorm: Smart ways to publish stories and promote TAFE Radio & Journalism on socials before each weekly show (Instagram pics & stories, Facebook, Twitter, posters, etc.)

***Journalism students please consider content that contributes to your News Conference assessment portfolios***

Examples of the radio show-related content you can produce:

Please note that Live Socials will have their own policies or procedures so if you wish to have social content considered for the show you must consult with Ruth.


  1. We’re going to be doing a bit of political research. Find out:
  • The names of the State and Federal seats where you live and vote
  • The names of the local members who represent you in those seats
  • The names of all 12 NSW (Federal) senators

2. Build up a short profile of both local members including:

  • Age
  • Career before Parliament
  • Years of parliamentary service (including time served in different chambers)
  • Cabinet or committee roles (if applicable)
  • Issue/s they are passionate about
  • A link to their electorate web page and Facebook page

Upload your research to the Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Drive.

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