Week 5 (10/3): Vox popping


First, a quick game (and an example of vox pops) – Couple, Siblings or Strangers

TOPIC: Getting the information your need and practising vox pops

What is a vox pop?

‘Vox pop’ is Latin for ‘voice of the people’. Read some notes on vox pops – i.e. what they are and why we do them.   Reporter Jess from BBC Fresh offers practical tips:

Some vox pop examples

People in Surry Hills are the focus of this YouTuber’s vox pops:

Jordan Klepper takes a humorous look at what Trump supporters are hoping for in 2020:

Vox Pop International asked the question: is university worth it?

 A vox pop made by Emma Davies, a student at UOW.


In groups of 2-3 people, come up with an idea for a vox pop. You will need to do some research before your write your questions.

If we were doing vox pops on the street, each person would have a role, e.g. interviewer, videographer, sound person, talent scout.

This is just a practice session – for the vox pop section of your assessment, we’ll record all the questions and answers. Both today and the assessment day are designed just to give you an idea of how vox pops work, and you’re among friends. So have fun!

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