Week 5 (12/3): Deadline approaching!

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Our first weekly TAFE radio show streams today!

Good luck to the students who have contributed to the broadcast. Make sure you check it out.

You can listen via the Off Campus site here, or there’s a link at the top of the sidebar on this site ↗️

Each week deadline for run-down, scripts, voice breaks, audio and interviews is Thursdays @ 11am. Pre-production will begin the Friday before so you need to be working on your ideas a week ahead of time if you want to be involved.

All components go into the WEEKLY RADIO SHOWS folder in the Google Drive. There are sub-folders, please adhere to clear labelling protocols for scripts and audio. e.g. script titled “Facebook” will align easily with audio labelled “Facebook”. If in doubt, check with the producers of the show.

What is a deadline? It’s a “line in the sand” that applies to all media platforms: radio, TV, print, on-line, socials, etc. The word deadline originated during the US Civil War apparently.

Writing for all media 



Insight into the radio world

The role of a music Director

J.B. King, the Music Director/Program Director at 98.5 KLUC in Las Vegas says, “What my job entails is making sure of the music that’s available to us, that we’re finding the right music our audience wants to hear, which generates the best ratings, which in turn helps our sales department sell airtime.”


The role of a Content or Program Director

Aundrae Russell, Program Director at Los Angeles urban adult contemporary station KJLH. “As a PD, your plate is full,” she says.

At any given time, a program director’s duties could include organizing promos, making sure the DJs are informed about upcoming promos and station events, sitting in meetings, checking music logs to make sure they’re accurate, working with the Music Director to produce logs for the next day, coordinating interviews with celebrities and musicians, and managing and scheduling programming.


  • Find story and segment ideas (consult the subject guide for next week’s theme), interview opportunities, show features.
  • Or prepare a social media post, publish on Off Campus and on your WordPress sites
  • Resources such as run-downs and script examples are here.

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