Week 5 (12/3): Socials stories

“@brockuniversity Social Media” by giulia.forsythe is marked with CC0 1.0


We are in Week 5 already!

From here until the end of semester we will be creating content each week for the Off Campus social media platforms.

Assessment 1 is due in Week 9. Here’s what you need to submit, taken from the Subject Guide:

A portfolio of a minimum of 10 stories or other content pieces for social media.

These may include:

  • Posts
  • Live socials (eg live blog, live stream)
  • Playlists (eg Spotify)
  • Video recordings of the radio studio during a live show or pre-record
  • Infographics or other visual content
  • Photo stories
  • Audio stories (including “listen later” or highlights of the radio show)
  • Video stories

Your portfolio must include:

  • Screen shots of all your work
  • At least one gallery of photos
  • All relevant captions, hashtags and embedded links, as appropriate

All stories must:

  • Be part of the Live Socials Content Calendar, as developed in class
  • Be saved in line with the agreed File Management and Naming Conventions
  • Be published to one or more of the TAFE Radio and/or Off Campus social media platforms
  • Be saved/screen shotted, and published to your WordPress site
  • Be completed to publication deadlines (eg in time to promote the upcoming radio show guest)
  • Be optimised for the publication platform (eg images resized for Instagram)
  • Observe copyright

Stories may:

  • Be completed in collaboration with one or more of your classmates
  • Be in a range of formats

Stories should:

  • Be completed in class time

TASK: Create content for the Off Campus socials to promote the live TAFE Radio show or another newsworthy topic for next week.

Divide into three groups, one for each of the platforms – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (make sure it is different to the platform you chose last week).

Brainstorm an idea, and pitch it to Newsroom, it can be a 60 second video, audio piece or a Canva image.

Remember to include the associated text for the post in your weekly task folder in the Google Drive.

Then Create!

Make sure to include important information such as:

Call to action: Listen live Cert IV TAFE Radio

When: 11am Friday 19 March

Where to listen: https://offcampus.media/listen-to-tafe-radio/ (try shortening the link at http://www.bit.ly)

What the show is about: Firsts

Socials calendar

The Diploma class has created a socials calendar that we will use to schedule and plan our posts and make sure there are no double ups.

Let’s take a look, and as a class add the stories we have created to the calendar, and schedule when they will go out.

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