Week 5 (12/3): Codes of Practice

Know the rules. Photo: PickPik.com/CC


Work, health and safety in the work place

Reminder: Assessment WHS Workbook is due at the beginning of class, (next) Week 6

Taking care on Social media (SM)

Social media (SM) networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are used to disseminate news and information. Being on SM calls for discernment. Likes are addictive.

Young people are particularly prone to becoming addicted to the internet: in a phase or life where social contact with peers plays a major role in self-esteem and identification, likes and requests for friendship tempt people to spend more and more time in front of the screen. Read on:

Media regulations – Overview

The radio code sets out the minimum standards for programs broadcast on all commercial radio broadcasting stations and aims to ensure that commercial broadcasting services are regulated in a manner that promotes community safeguards across a range of areas such as material not suitable for broadcast, news and current affairs.

Examples of ‘Whoops! I took that too far!’:

Allan Jones, 2GB and the Grantham Family:


Derryn Hinch found guilty of contempt of court:


And I got away with that because I was in character:

Roy (John Doyle) and HG (Greig Pickhaver) with Charlie Pickering:


    • Create a simple word doc or Power Point presentation that highlights the main points regarding what you can and can’t say as a broadcaster or journalist. Use words, pictures, audio and video to help you share with class in a 2-3-minute presentation.
    • Upload your document to the Student Weekly Tasks folder
    • Home task: continue work on your assessment, the WHS Workbook

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