Week 6 (Presenting 15/3): Headlining

the words 'be you' spelled out in the sand
Be genuine. Photo: Pikist.com/CC


Headlining: outlining the headline structure and understanding the key elements of good communication:

What is a Radio Intro? It’s a short segment at the start of a show. It serves to introduce the hosts or give a preview of what’s coming up such as the guests in studio, the topic of discussion, etc. It lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes.

Radio intros guide:


Begin your show with an energetic and engaging introduction (intro) to the show. BBC’s Dan & Phil do a good job of it:

How to be an authentic radio presenter with Kate Cocker: be real!

Take a listen to how 2GB’s Ben Fordham presents a daily breakfast show:



After reading the above resources (and others that may inspire you), write a 300-word report on the key elements of authentic and effective communication. Consider the following:

    • Am I being real?
    • How can I let the audience know who I am?
    • Am I connecting?
    • Is this entertaining and informative?
    • Can I make them laugh? etc.

Upload your report the Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Google Drive.

Reminder: Assessment 1: Show 1 due week 9

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