Week 6 (Producing 15/3): Program planning

guy reclining listening to an old boombox radio
Photo: StockSnap from Pixabay


Contribute to program planning and presentation with de-brief, suggestions for improvements and discussing new ideas.

Getting comfortable with air-checking:

In the radio industry, an aircheck is generally a demonstration recording, often intended to show off the talent of announcer or programmer to a prospective employer, but mainly intended for legal archiving purposes.

scoped aircheck usually contains only segments where the announcer is actually talking, along with a bit of the music or commercial on either side. In an unscoped aircheck, all programming is left intact and unedited, including music, commercials, newscasts, jingles and other on-air events.

An uncomfortable night in a stairwell led to an air-check:


What to expect in an air-check session:


What can an aircheck sound (and look) like? Here’s Alo Baker on the Gold Coast:

WIP/content meeting

Inspiration/story leads from https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/

Let’s not be too “city-centric”. Beyond the great divide; outback reporting:


    • Continue preparing next week’s radio show: “A Day for That”. What’s good to go? What needs more work? Anything missing? Can we improve? etc. Class discussion.
    • Deadline for all content: Mondays @ 1pm: run-down, scripts and recordings to THE WEEKLY RADIO SHOW folder.
    • PLUS keep a copy of the work you’ve created in your Student Weekly Tasks folder.

Reminder: Assessment Part 1: Evergreen. First program (portfolio progress) is due now. Next portfolio progress submissions due Week 10. Evaluate as you go, create scripts and cite resources.

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