Week 6 (17/3): How to submit your podcast or audio feature

Analog mailboxes. Photo: PickPik.com

Part 1 of your Assessment is due this week  

You must Submit:

    1. 1 x Audio File – mp3 or wav
      Name it: (Your Name) Assess #1 – Audio file e.g. Jane Citizen – Assess #1 – Audio file 
    2. 1 x Word Doc – Research and Notes – links to info and planning notes – including editing notes
      Name it: (Your Name) Assess #1 – Research & Notes
    3. 1 x Word Doc – Script – including Interview questions (can be at the end of the script)
      Name it: (Your Name) Assess #1 – Script
    4. 1 x Word doc – Photo & Description – Photo of yourself, or another photo you have taken specifically for your story/podcast. Description – A short (20-50 words) description of the podcast or feature, that you can use for a Soundcloud and/or WordPress description
      Name it: (Your Name) Assess #1 – Photo & Description

 That’s a total of FOUR files

These are to go inside your folder on the Student Drive.

This information is also set out in the Subject Guide.

There is NO TASK today as your time is best spent finalising your Audio Story/Podcast and submitting it.


Please finalise it today. If possible record all narration and/or interview 


  • Please record all narration and/or interview
  • Do not speak too quickly
  • Keep it natural as if you’re just telling one person.  If you try too hard, it tends to push the listener away.  Basically don’t try and do a DJ voice.  It feels false. Be yourself!

Please move things along. 

As soon as your assessment is finished and submitted please email me to let me know it’s on the Student Drive:


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