Week 6 (18/3): Strategic sharing and hashtags

Illustration by EpicTop10.com/CC/flickr

You’ve set up your accounts, and have made some content.

How do you get your content seen by your audience?

How do you stop it getting lost in the vast reaches of the internet?

There are a few tools and techniques that will help your audience and your content find each other.

Strategic sharing

There are certain days and times where your content is likely to be have a greater reach.

These vary depending on:

    • The platform you’re posting to
    • The algorithm (which can change regularly, and with little notice)
    • The type of content you’re posting (written article vs video, for example)
    • The topic you’re covering
    • Your target audience
    • Global pandemics (because covid has changed media consumption patterns)

And sometimes there’s also a bit of luck involved.


Research 2 or more social media platforms, including at least one from the following list:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Snapchat
    • LinkedIn
    • TikTok

For each, see what you can find out about strategic posting. These are not likely to be official recommendations from the platforms – instead they might be media analysts, marketing blogs or audience research reports.

Look for:

    • What days and times to post
    • How often to post
    • Whether particular types of content are more impactful than others (eg Are Facebook live videos better to post that other types of videos?)

The world of marketing can be really useful for this, as they do a lot of audience research that can be relevant to radio, journalism and other media making.

HOT TIP: Look for recent research and recommendations.
(Facebook in 2014 isn’t the same as Facebook now!)


If you’ve use social media, you’ve seen (if not used) hashtags.

These are metadata tags that let audiences find content on a specific topic or theme.

These can be widely used eg #auspol
for a specific event or campaign eg #blm
used primarily on one social media platform eg #fyp
or by a particular group eg #teamtafe


Choose a topic that you’re interested in, such as:

    • Moroccan cooking
    • Table soccer
    • Australian politics
    • Nature photography
    • Whatever Donald Trump has said today
    • Cute pets
    • Contemporary classical music

Find the hashtags that are being used for this topic.

Are they the same on different social media platforms?


Research – what hashtags are trending right now?

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